About Us

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The Son of an Engineer

Being the son of a government contractor who was a software/hardware engineer with a top secret clearance was not easy. My father could not tell me what he worked. As a kid, I would let my imagination run away with my thoughts on the cool stuff my Dad was working one. I would get the occasional glance at something cool he was doing. On my 21’st birthday, my father was an inductee into the hall of fame at the University of New Haven. His speech listed all of the cool things he worked. My Dad was always my hero growing up. His life’s work was part of my inspiration for learning web design and understanding technology. I could share some of his cool stories, but then I would have to kill you…

Meet the Team

We believe in being innovative, creative, and on the cutting edge!


John Raslavsky

Founder & CEO

John has an extensive background in being an entrepreneur. He draws his experience from having worked in Residential and Commerical Real Estate sales and management. John has always been a tech guy/nerd since he was a kid. Web design was a natural fit for him. By self-teaching and taking online courses thru Udemy and YouTube, he learned to code in multiple languages and became fluent with WordPress. He and his wife Catharine started Poor Little Rich Girl Resale with his wife in 2008 and put social media management to work as their sole advertising. Poor Little Rich Girl is an upscale resale store for women’s clothing and accessories.


Catharine Raslavsky

Social Media Management

Catharine consults on most of the site we build. In addition, she has an extensive background in marketing and is one of the best marketers in the business as well as a great Mom to our two kids Jack (10) and Duke (8).

Next Steps…

We would love to talk to you about what you are trying to accomplish online.

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