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Happy kid playing with toy robot

The Son of an Engineer

Being the son of an electrical engineer means that your parent(s) probably went to college and learned the basics of how neat things work. Growing up, my Dad would re-wire the pool pump, add new breakers to the electrical panel, and took my my science experiments and career day to an amazing place. He taught me about circuits, computers, and advanced ways to use them that would lead me to a career in computers and the internet. As a software/hardware engineer with a top-secret clearance, the joke around my house growing up was that he could tell me, but then have to kill me. My father never shared any government secrets. As a kid, I would let my imagination run away with my thoughts on the cool toys my Dad was getting to use. I would get the occasional glance at something I did not understand. On March 22, 1997 (my 21st birthday), I finally found out. He was an inductee into the 1997 hall of fame at the University of New Haven.In his speech, he listed all of the cool things he worked. Was I blown away. My Dad was always my hero growing up. His life's work became part of my inspiration for learning web design and understanding digital technology. I could share some of his cool stories, but then I would have to kill you. Just kidding...well, at least I hope. 

For the past 10+ years I have worked in digital marketing, and for the past 5+ years web design. 

In Loving Memory of John Michael Raslavsky III
1944 - 2020