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How to Start Blogging: The Why, What, When, and Where

How to Start Blogging: The Why, What, When, and Where

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First things First

Start by asking yourself this question. “Why” do I want to start blogging?
Is it because you saw a cool hipster with a blog you read once a week and think you can do the same? Are you looking to collaborate and solve a problem? Are working for an entity that wants to share its findings on science or business? Once you can diagnose the question of “why” you are already on your way toward creating your first post. When you hit the day down the road you don’t feel like “adulting” that day, look back and see this as your motivation. Will this motivate you well into the years to come, or is it a flash in the pan. Either way, don’t forget where you came from.

Second things Second

Now that you have found out “why” and have tapped into your motivation. It is time to figure out “what” you want to talk about. Is it kitchen remodeling, DIY, or cooking? No matter what the topic, stick to what you know. Believe it or not, you are an authority the second your post your blog and draw an audience. This is usually when the internet trolls, oops, I meant friends/acquaintances come out and inadvertently try to squash your shiny dream of being a blogger. Take a deep breath and remember you can always unfollow that person you went to high school with on Facebook that made that spammy comment about your post. Nobody said being a newly authoritarian is easy. This is may or may not happen. No matter what you do, don’t be afraid. Be courageous, a hero, whatever the latest buzz word is for having self-confidence these days. No matter what you do. Take a chance on yourself.

Keep on Going

Now that you have started down the road toward blogging and you have motivation and knowledge. We need to discuss “where” to post it. “Where” you post your blog had to do with how courageous you are feeling. Did you know you can still submit articles to the newspapers and magazines? Yes, you can submit your blog post straight to the Wall Street Journal. However, they call it an “op-ed” piece and they will ask you to submit your rights to the story. Reddit.com has articles you can submit and share. You can even go back to the hipster blogger and ask them if you can guest blog on their site. There are a lot of other sites where you can submit your posts. You just have to find them and summon the right amount of moxy. 

“Where” else? You are going to need a place to post them first to share. I suggest starting your own WordPress page to help organize and bring your own personality to each post. WordPress is great because it has a built-in content management system or CMS. A CMS allows you to easily add pictures and your blog in virtually any format you can dream up. BTW – if you need a site build to give us a call or email. Maybe we will even allow you to guest blog on our site.

When the Tough Get Going

“When” is the right time to submit your stuff? Telling yourself you are not ready to hit the publish button down the road is going to happen. You may feel that way now. How do I know I am ready and “when” do I know I am good enough to share what I am writing? Then again, you may be reading thru this post finding issue after issue with my grammar, writing style, and train of thought. The “when” is now. Remember what I said earlier. Do not be afraid to do anything. Realistically, are the internet police going to show up on your doorstep and tell you to stop? No, they are not. Nobody knocks it out of the park on their first try. This, like so many other things in this world, have a learning curve. 

What about the other “when”, I mean, how often do I publish my posts? It depends on your audience. Find someone else in your area of expertise and follow their timing for a while until you figure out what works for you.
The last “when” is, “when” will I have time? Do you have time to write or record an ongoing blog? What is your social calendar like? Will you end up resenting your time trying to write it? These are all legitimate questions that are legitimate struggles. The only person that can answer these questions is you. Remember my other comment about motivation? Dig deep and try to find your motivation in these moments. Staying consistent with your blogging is going to be tough because vacations, work, kids, and many other things play a factor in your time and dedication to one of your passions in life. Take a deep breath and don’t let the situation become bigger than you. Stay in the moment and go for it. You never know where this could lead you.

Summing it Up

Let me be honest about a few things…

Blogging comes easy to some and is difficult for others. Remember, don’t be discouraged. 

There are several critical steps you MUST complete when setting up any new website or blog. I am available to go over any one of the steps with you and would like to help you move forward. As a web designer and SEO specialist, I know blogging is a critical element for the internet because it creates content-rich information on the web. Which really translates into content marketing. Content Marketing helps deliver a business’ message, bring in web traffic, and allow you to sell products.

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