The Brief

This is where we try to get down to the truth about why you need a new website and pinpoint exactly what you are trying to achieve. Traditionally, this can get a little weird. Honestly, it this doesn’t, I am not doing my job.

The Sitemap

Once all of the information is collected, I got to work and build a visual sitemap to get us on the same page trying to communicate and the best way to structure the information. Here is an example of one straight out of the oven.

The Prototype

Instead of confusing you with my geek talk, I will build you an interactive protoype to demonstrate how my solutions will work. This stage will not be pretty, nor include the fonts, colors, or branding you want. It is simply to show you how my solution will work. Here’s one I prepared earlier.

The Design

The design stage is a favorite for our clients, because we get to busts out our crayons and colored pencils and take your interactive prototype and bring it to life with your fonts, colors, and implement all of your branding.  Here’s the same website fully designed.

The Delivery

This is the last and final stage of our process. Basically, we disappear with your shiny new toy to play with it. This sounds like child play, but we are really working out any bugs or tweeks. We want to make your site road ready. Once we are done, you get to show off your brand spanky new website to the world. It will even have that new website smell.

You twisted our arm.

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