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Sitemaps to Improve Your Websites Marketability?

XML Sitemap picture on webpage _ Johnny on the Spot Web Designs

Sitemaps to improve your website’s marketability?

– Yes, definitely!

Sitemaps are how organizing and identifying content on a website is shared with Google. They seem to be a forgotten resource in the modern age of search engine optimization, but these simple directories can help amplify the number of hits your website receives. A sitemap points clearly and directly to information found on your site that may be applicable to a user’s query.

There are several types of sitemaps in SEO and each impacts SEO differently. Therefore the more sitemaps a site utilizes, the more likely it will rank well within search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask.

What are best practices for sitemaps?

The method for boosting your site varies for the type of sitemap.

The first and most used type of sitemap is the HTML format which links to every page of your website.

An XML sitemap is the most useful for SEO as it submits your web pages directly to the search engine allowing it to generate a sitemap for you. Remember, the key is to keep the search engine updated to any and all changes you make to your web pages, otherwise, you may generate a 404 error, which negatively affects your rankings.

Are all sitemaps build and function the same?

Video and Image sitemaps, as their name suggests, direct search engines to which of your page contain video and images. This increases traffic to your site exponentially since many users are drawn to media over text in their searches.

News sitemaps feature your site on a search engine’s news page. Even though the process is complex and involved, developing one may be worth your investment, featuring your site in a less competitive arena.

Do I need a mobile sitemap? Yes!

Mobile sitemaps serve mobile users more efficiently by redirecting them to websites and pages that are optimized for mobile devices.

Do I need a professional?

It’s complicated…while sitemaps are extremely useful in marketing your websites, they are sometimes time-consuming, using resources that you may not have at your fingertips. Hiring a professional blogger or web designer can help navigate this quicker. However, you can always watch some YouTube video tutorials to get you there too.

Johnny on the Spot Web Designs can help you get started in the rewarding world of sitemaps. We offer full-service SEO and Website Designs.

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