The “Big game” is this week. Oops…I mean the “ig ame”.

Football on Field

“The Big Game” is coming up soon. February 3rd, to be exact. GO PATS!

Online mention of “The Professional Football Championship Game” for marketing purposes on your website can be effective and rewarding if done correctly. But take note, its use can get tricky and can prove downright confusing…and expensive if done wrong.

It is very important to be careful about your language and imagery when referencing “The Big Game” on your site because so much of it is forbidden by the NFL.

The NFL is a stickler over their precious Super Bowl. So much so that their legal representation have threatened even the smallest targets as well as the largest media conglomerates. Don’t expect to slip under their radar. They are vigilant about protecting their trademark.

Why are they so possessive of their trademark? There’s a good reason. They have to be.

If they know about an infringement on their trademark and fail to act on it, they could lose it altogether. That’s why any reference to the Super Bowl, the NFL, its divisions, conferences, or teams is strictly off-limits.

So it’s easy to understand their motivations, but sometimes difficult to follow their rules.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when promoting your business online using the game to which we are referring.

Not surprisingly, given the NFL’s litigious nature regarding their event, even big media keeps a safe distance from the direct mention of the game. Specifically, without the explicit permission of the NFL, the terms and images to be avoided are: “Super Bowl”, “Super Sunday”, the Super Bowl logo, NFL, AFC or NFC, The National Football League, American Football League, National Football League, and any team name or nickname.

There are ways to get around these strict rules, as there are some terms available to use even without permission from the NFL. These are, for example, “The Big Game”, “The Professional Football Championship Game”, the date of the game, the names of the two competing cities, (but remember, no team names), and any statement mocking the fact that the NFL doesn’t allow media to use any of the forbidden terms, (satire evidently gets a pass on this one.)

So don’t use “Super Bowl” on your website but do use “The Professional Football Championship Game” to promote your business. It’s a great opportunity to market your product or service, you just have to get creative with your terminology.

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